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About me. Photo of Bernie

About me

Following a chronic illness brought on by stress in my twenties, I explored a variety of holistic therapies. I was impressed at their ability to treat symptoms without the use of drugs or chemicals and without side effects.

Having received great benefit from monthly Reflexology and Reiki treatments, I decided to train as a Reflexologist and Reiki practitioner myself.

How I work

In my practice my focus is on holding a safe space for each client to help facilitate their healing. Both Reiki and Reflexology have the ability to induce a state of deep relaxation and the power of this cannot be underestimated. It enables the body’s own healing system to heal itself.

This is what I find so fascinating about complementary therapies. You can alleviate symptoms by working with the body’s own healing response.

Given the right conditions, the body will always naturally try to get back to balance. It’s often our minds that get in the way.

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